About Us

John at age 7 helping his father build a fireplace.

How We Started

Bottaro Wood Fired Pizza was established in 2011 by John Gonzales who is a retired 30 year Firefighter in Encinitas.  John's Father was a brick and stone mason and those skills were passed on to John.  John built his first home pizza oven in 1999 after being inspired by an oven in Pompeii, Italy.  John learned his culinary skills from his Sicilian mother who cooked only with the freshest local ingredients.  John has had the pleasure serving Alice Waters at the Chino Farm at her book signings and has been a featured Chef at the Encinitas Foodie Fest

Freshly Made

There's nothing like having your meal freshly made from our wood burning oven.  The sight, the aroma, and the taste of our food will give your guests a multi sensory experience. Our business is based out of Carlsbad and we serve North San Diego County along with San Diego

Fireman Proof

30 years as a fireman teaches you a lot about customer service and you have to be flexible when you respond to a call or provide food for people with different needs and expectations.  In my line of work as a fireman I've seen a lot more than most, but at the end of the day a good meal always made things right.